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Our Mission

We believe that everyone is able to grow and learn when they are given the right tools and environment.  That's why we're here.  We strive to see each and every one of our employees reach goals they have never imagined possible. 
Never stop growing my friends. 


The purpose of Growing Green Gardens is to employ individuals on the autistic spectrum and give them the opportunity to learn the necessary work skills needed to be a successful employee.  This will be accomplished through the growing and selling of flowers, vegetable plants and garden art.  Employees will also learn the importance of using recycled materials for all of our gardening needs.  At Growing Green Gardens everyone is given the chance to grow.


Together we will be spending a minimum of 2 hours a week working with our employees to better prepare them for a variety of social situations which they may encounter in a professional work setting. All of our employees are given the opportunity to continue working at Growing Green Gardens if that is what they choose, but if they are attending college and hoping to one day work in a different field, we are able to better prepare them for what is expected of them as a professional. Some of the areas we will be addressing are interpersonal skills, customer service, personal crisis, direction from a supervisor and interviewing skills. These are just a few of the many scenarios that we will work on developing. Appropriate use of these skills may seem obvious, but for young adults on the spectrum, these skills must be addressed.


Working on our interviewing skills
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