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How can I help?

There are many different ways  that you can help us at Growing Green Gardens to fulfill our mission,   Of course we are always happy to receive monetary donations of any amount, but there are many other types of donations that you can make as well.  We are always looking for flower pots of any shape and size.   We are also willing to accept donations of potting soil (regular and organic) and seed starter soil (organic), seed packets, plants, fertilizer (both regular for plants and organic for vegetables) hand shovels, watering cans, disposable rubber gloves, or any other gardening items you may think of.  


If you have empty containers you would like to donate, please rinse them thoroughly and place them in a bag.  You can drop them off on the porch at the address listed below. If you have other items of value you would like to donate, please contact Wendy Skelly at (586) 703-7433  or e-mail at to arrange a pick up/drop off and a receipt.

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